Home schooling, charter schools, and private schools are alternative programs for parents who do not wish to have their students enrolled in a conventional public school. Home schooling is a means by which students are exempted from compulsory education while receiving instruction at home. Charter and private schools are institutions of learning that offer various educational opportunities with a unique structure and purpose. Periodically, parents of home-schooled, charter-schooled, and private-schooled students request the enrollment of their student in extracurricular activities, excluding sports, such as choir, band, and a variety of academic areas not available at home, charter, or private schools. These students may be enrolled in such a program by action of the Board of School Trustees upon the recommendation of the Instructional Division.

Upon the request of a parent or legal guardian of a student who is enrolled in a charter school, the Board of School Trustees shall authorize the student to participate in sports at a public school that he would otherwise be required to attend.

In an effort to provide uniformity and consistency to the enrollment process of home-schooled, charter-schooled, or private-schooled students into a regular school program, the following is a list of criteria that must be met prior to allowing a student to enroll in a secondary program.

A. The student may only be enrolled if space is available and will not displace a Clark County School District student. For band or orchestra, the student must provide their own instrument. Participation in Clark County School District honor band, choir, or orchestra is not allowed, as this would displace a Clark County School District student.

B. Parents must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Board of School Trustees that the student is qualified to participate in the class or extracurricular activity.

C. Transportation must be provided by the parent/guardian.

D. The student must abide by all Clark County School District rules and regulations regarding attendance, behavior, and program-specific requirements such as attendance at performances and special rehearsals.

E. The student must pay any expenses that may be required of Clark County School District students.

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F. If the teacher and school administrative staff determine that the student is not adhering to any of the above criteria, the student will be removed from the program.

G. The request for enrollment for home-schooled, charter-schooled, or private- schooled students to participate in extracurricular activities and/or academic courses must be made to the building principal who will route the request to the regional superintendent for Board approval.

H. The Board of School Trustees may revoke its approval for a student to participate in a class, extracurricular activity, or sports at a public school if the Board determines that the student is not otherwise qualified, cannot receive credit, or has failed to comply with applicable rules and regulations of an association for interscholastic activities. If the Board revokes its approval, neither the Board nor the public school is liable for any damages relating to denial of services to the student.

Review Responsibility: Instructional Division

Adopted: [6/4/98]

Revised: (12/9/99; 5/25/00)

Pol Gov Rev: 6/28/01