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1. Okay, so you want to homeschool. Now What?! The decision to homeschool is a challenging and personal choice. How to put that decision into action is just as personal, and demands research and planning. Start with prayer and study. Go online and do a search on "homeschool". Go to the library, and read books on homeschooling (For example: "The Well Trained Mind" is an excellent primer for homeschooling parents.). The bookstore has many authors and titles that explain the homeschooling concept, as well as curriculum. Brainstorm with your spouse, and bounce ideas and approaches off each other. Ask your children, what they would like to learn. It is their education after all, and including them in the planning, helps them to be excited and puts them in learning mode! One thing to think about, is NO ONE can tell you exactly how to homeschool! As your child's mentor, you know them the best, and can shape opportunities for their benefit better than any textbook or well meaning advice! So before you fill out those forms, and plop them down in front of the Homeschooling Office's Secretary and ask her how to homeschool, have some research, prayer, and a plan under your belt! 

2.What is Homeschool? There is a common misconception that homeschooling means, bringing school home. There are many instances where school happens at the grocery store, at the library, in the car, at work, at museums, at a group class, and at the park! Having a good schedule of a time to learn is important, as well as a planned curriculum. Then there have been days where we have dropped everything and read all day. A good friend calls these days DEAR DAYS- Drop Everything And Read! My kids love them! I do too, because I set the example and read as well!  Debra Bell writes, "Homeschooling is all about the freedom and flexibility to model a child's education to his unique interests, readiness and learning style. So, if you are taking advantage of the full range of flexibility homeschooling allows you, then your homeschool is going to look much different from mine." Bottom line? You are in control of what goes on in your Home Based Educational Institution! 

3. Where do I homeschool? After having an outline of your day set with hours and a plan for method, you will find that each child is different in where they want to study. One will want you by their elbow at the kitchen table, and another will want some direction, and then want to study alone in their room. See learning styles further down on this page.  Its helpful to remember that "Homeschool Happens"! It takes place where ever we are, and when the moment arises!  Homeschool means the world is your classroom.                

4.How do I homeschool? Below is an outline given by our support group leader.

 1.  The summer before the fall that you desire to begin
homeschooling, begin by researching the laws for your state.
Legal Information     

    Home Schooling Forms for the State of Nevada: Use Adobe Reader for PDF files, print, fill out, and mail/take to Clark County Home Schooling Dept. on  St.Louis (crosstreet Eastern) Door D. They will give you a letter to give to the school you are zoned for or a homeschooling letter for your records. This must be filled out and turned in yearly.  The Home Schooling Dept. # is 799-8630 ext. 329 or 330. The CCSD main # is:  799-5011.                 

2.  Research the different methods and coordinating curriculum.

             3.  Find a support group-talk to other homeschooling parents   either locally or online.  This step I found to be vital to my homeschooling efforts! The knowledge, support, and camaraderie from like-minded friends has been a great blessing to me and my family.                         

  4.  PRAY-make sure that this is the right thing for your family to do!  Pray about what curriculum to use. Pray about what kind of approach to use. 

5.  If you've received your confirmation, contact a
consultant. There are a list of people at the homeschooling office who provide consultation for a fee. Another approach is to contact your local homeschooling support group and talk to other homeschooling parents. In Nevada, anyone who is a veteran homeschooler (3 years) can provide consultation.

                                   6.  Order curriculum                                               

 7.  Withdraw your child from school
                  8.  Begin homeschooling!                           
The above list is just a suggestion, and homeschooling is always more
successful when you have time to do the research and have all of your
curriculum before you start homeschooling.  This is the ideal, however,
sometimes circumstances don't allow that you follow the above guideline.
In that case, you begin with a prayer and confirmation, and contact a
                                    consultant who is able to help you to start in the middle of the year.                                     


High School Homeschooling

To be accredited by the state, high school homeschoolers must take an accepted correspondence course. A list of these courses can be had at the homeschool office. There are other options for homeschoolers who choose to homeschool through their high school years, such as taking the SAT, and then taking basic college courses at a community college before applying for a major college. Ask homeschooling parents who have gone, or are going through this process. More and more colleges are becoming homeschool friendly. As with everything, ask your local support group before going to the state homeschooling office to get directions on how and when to enter your homeschooled student into college classes.  Homeschooling parents are more likely to be aware of the law, and are going through the process themselves, so will know the ins and outs, and tend to be more understanding.


Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment = sitting in on a class and does not count towards credit, according to the Homeschool Office in the 2001-2002 school year. The request is sent to the principal, and he/she then takes the request to the school board, and is approved as space is available.


To test or not to test...that is the question.

And a debatable question at that! Testing has gotten itself a bad rap from the way testing is done in our public schools. Often as parents, we are left frustrated at the focus on our children's education being centered around how well they can take a test, so as to ensure funding for our school system. 

Again, this is an individual decision, taking into consideration your children's learning styles. Take the pro and cons, do your homework, and decide how you would like to include testing in your home school. From a weekly quiz to follow your children's learning, to state approved test that you have to purchase, or are included in the curriculum packet that you buy; make it a matter of thought and prayer. 

 Testing is not required in Nevada. If you feel that you want your children to be tested, you must provide your own tests, as the school district does not supply homeschoolers with tests, textbooks or curriculum.


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